Rise Above The Herd is a transformational group coaching program intentionally designed for truth seekers.

It is an 8 week heroic journey to catalyse within you core truths about yourself and reality so that you can break out of uncertainty and rise into freedom, self-reliance and purpose.

It's time to reclaim your power. 



Please understand this program is not for everyone. It is intentionally designed to challenge your core beliefs about what it means to engage with yourself and reality in a way so that you can experience pride in curating a life of deep authenticity and fulfilment.

This program provides embodied knowledge. It provides the psychological foundation required to live the best life possible to of freedom and self-reliance that is not dependent on anyone but yourself. 

It is the only one of its kind. 

"The has been the best investment in myself I've ever made"

- Sarah


You were born into a world where you were taught that to sacrifice your self-interests and personal desires for the sake of your friends, family, community and society made you a good and moral person.

Most people you see around you today are operating under the spell of these unconscious programs which are ensuring they live a life dictated by guilt, inauthenticity, resentment & mediocrity.

The majority of people you know aren’t fulfilled not because they don’t want to be, but because they are scared to be.

What if we told you this is all part of deeper ancient conditioning intentionally designed to keep you playing small, to prevent you from ever realising your true worth and value and to entrain you to a life of un-lived potential.

Now more than ever, in a time where the control systems around us have proven without a doubt that they cannot be relied upon to support our evolution, we must be willing to take a journey of self-excavation to discover the inner riches and potential to truly become our own authorities so we can navigate this world and our lives appropriately.


What problems does this course solve?

  • How to develop pride and joy in earning money doing what you're most inspired by... 
  • How to develop greater confidence to speak truth so you can communicate boundaries and pursue your goals with ease and confidence... 
  • How to transmute anxiety and fear into motivating forces in your life... 
  • How to fortify core values in your life... 
  • How to heal and regulate your nervous system...✅
  • How to break negative patterns and recurring self-sabotaging behaviours... 
  • How to find aligned community and develop healthier relationships... 
  • How to outgrow the fear of alienation and being judged... 
  • How to cultivate deeper purpose and meaning in your life... 
  • How to never fall for the traps and pitfalls along the truth seeking journey again... 
  • How to develop greater psycho-emotional embodiment...✅

What's Included?


Embark on a hero's journey like no other. Our teaching modules are intentionally designed to shift the deepest and most subtle programs holding you back while activating your true power and potential to navigate reality and develop your capacity to live the life you truly desire. 


Be personally coached, fortify your values, ground your vision and be seen by others who are on a similar journey to you each week in an intimate and deeply connected container. 




One year access to our Resource Library including integration exercises, our recommended articles and videos to support and enhance your journey plus more. 


Get access to a private telegram community with just the coaches and your fellow risers for the entire period of the course. 

You can literally ask us anything, anytime. 

24 hours text and voicemail support. 


Weekly custom curated EFT tapping exercises combining potent affirmations with meridian tapping resulting in powerful releases & breakthroughs. 

Discover the power of EFT to add to your arsenal for the rest of your life. 


You get a personal Human Design reader for 8 weeks so you can know and accept yourself on the deepest levels. 

Discover your unique way of making decisions, your inherent gifts and the unique life theme which you are here to embody. 



Dr. Sophie Fletcher PhD has joined us to provide students with 4 bonus group coaching calls focused on specific and intentional work with your nervous system. 

Integrate all the new material, engage in purposeful shadow-work and develop greater embodiment and emotional intelligence with a true expert in the field. 


Limited to 12 students


"The question is not who is going to let me, it is who is going to stop me."

- Ayn Rand

Are you unsure of how you can create a satisfying and meaningful life with so much corruption around you?

Are you ready to awaken the inner hero and become who you were born to be?

Are you ready to shatter 2000 years of conditioning designed to keep you falling short of your potential?

Become who you were born to be...

That is ultimately our ethos, our mission and the reason we created Rise Above The Herd.

There are gifts you haven’t yet unwrapped. 

There is potential you haven’t yet realised. 

There is conditioning and challenges that are in your way. 

We will show you that the highest path is available to you, the path of deep connectedness, self-love, authenticity, integrity and success…and you can start walking it now.

"Become who you are, do what only you can do, become the master and the sculptor of yourself."



This course is for you if...

  • You are aware of the rise of government tyranny and want to learn how to create value free from its constraints.
  • You are ready to take a serious look at all the areas in your life where you are refusing the responsibility that comes with true freedom.
  • You are seeking to connect with a community of individuals who value truth and authenticity over ignorance and illusion.
  • You are tired of making decisions that don't align with your highest purpose and you feel obligated to follow the status quo.
  • You are hungry to learn knowledge from some of the greatest minds of the past who taught the most valuable lessons for humanity.
  • You know you have more to offer and untapped potential to realise in this lifetime.

This course is not for you if...

  • You are not willing to challenge conditioned beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.
  • You are not willing to commit to undertaking a journey of transformation and the realisation of potential.
  • You are not in a position to invest in your potential and in becoming the best version of yourself.
  • You do not feel as though you are ready to claim responsibility for the state of your life and your happiness.
  • You believe that mainstream society is normal and healthy.
  • You believe the ‘experts’ are only those who have been granted such titles from ‘official’ organisations.
  • You believe you already know all there is to know about the truth seeking journey and individuation process.

How do we get results?

1. Understand

Knowledge is the foundation and catalyst for true transformation. We have been on our truth seeking journey for a combined 30 years. We have walked many paths and have bumped into many walls...we have been in your shoes. 

We have developed a core understanding of what the primary challenges and solutions are on this journey, and we are able to simplify and communicate them in a way that will unlock one “a-ha” moment after another for you. 

Take Zahra for example...

2. Deprogram

Before you can take flight you must realise what is keeping you caged. We will challenge your existing belief is necessary. We will show you in black and white what is keeping you stuck. We will hold up a mirror for you to observe very clearly the patterns and programs that are unconsciously ruling your life and weighing you down from becoming who you were born to be. 

3. Activate

We will show you the path. When a core truth is recognised and seen for what it is, it catalyses unfathomable transformation in our lives. 

As you probably know, this culture we have found ourselves in does not teach us the necessary tools and strategies to rise as an authentic individual. 

We will teach you what many struggled for years to be able to realise.

We will activate your capacity and potential to thrive and conquer mountains you probably didn’t believe were possible in this lifetime.

You will know and feel that you truly are the hero of your story.


  • No longer caring what other people might think about your decisions or you speaking truth.

  • A feeling of pride and commitment to curating a life that is aligned with who you really are. 

  • An enhanced sense of control over your life and destiny. 

  • Excitement to take responsibility for being the best version of yourself.

  • A far deeper and more intimate knowing of yourself.

  • An unusual spike in confidence around setting boundaries and doing things for yourself.

  • Feelings of enthusiasm around earning money doing what you were born to do. 


A conversation with one of our students...

Video Poster Image


Limited spots. 


The Power of Community

There is something incredibly magical about being witnessed in our process

In being in a safe container with like-minded individuals who are dealing with similar challenges.

In being able to openly share our fears and our vision and in having two mentors/coaches who know what you’re dealing with, understand where you want to be and are able to hear you and offer you advice every day (if you want) for 8 weeks.

Outside of the teachings and live calls, one of the most powerful offerings this course has is the private and intimate community which you will be part of and encouraged to share with throughout this life-changing process.

Integrity matters

Unlike most coaches and programs we understand what is truly happening on our planet.

We are aware of the deep corruption taking place all around us...we know the system doesn’t want you to win and in actuality wants a whole lot worse for you.

This is a course for truth seekers.

We want to show you that it doesn’t matter what the world does or how corrupt and compromised things around us are.

To us it is even greater incentive to reclaim power into the hands of those who choose integrity over ignorance and sincerity over inauthenticity.

We are first and foremost seekers of truth and there is no topic that is off-limits.

This program is for you if you want...

  • Freedom from unconscious programs holding you back from sovereignty. 
  • An enhanced sense of self-worth and self-love so you are empowered to live a life you are truly inspired by.
  • Money deprogramming, clearing your conscience for true wealth creation.
  • Greater confidence to speak and live your authentic truth so you can set boundaries appropriately to improve all your relationships and attract aligned community.
  • Authentic shadow integration so you can generate greater wholeness and access more of your potential. 
  • Greater levels of consciousness so you can navigate your life with increased clarity, discernment and make higher quality decisions. 


Self-knowledge is a fundamental component to this program.

You are aware that you have unique gifts and unique ways of being with and responding to life however sometimes without a true mirror it is difficult to be certain of what is truly yours and what you have been conditioned to believe about yourself.

This is where Human Design plays a vital role.

It is a system of knowledge that integrates both ancient and modern sciences that supports you in understanding and accepting yourself at the deepest levels.

Throughout the 8 weeks you will have your own personal Human Design reader to consult with regarding the main elements of your bodygraph.

If you are aware of Human Design you probably know how valuable this bonus is...

If you have no idea what Human Design is, all we can say is that we are very excited for the journey you are about to embark on should you choose to join this program.



If by the end of our time together you do not feel you have received adequate value we will refund your total investment in the program, no questions asked.



Joel Rafidi & Yerasimos are the co-hosts of the Here For The Truth Podcast, in addition to having coached hundreds of clients individually to help them better know and understand themselves. We joined forces in 2021 to bring the exploration of truth to a wider audience.

Together we have over 30 years of research and experience in the areas of psychology, philosophy, divination, esotericism, health, consciousness, individuation, heroism and the nature of the self. We have been featured on podcasts such as Unslaved with Michael Tsarion, Truth Warrior with David Whitehead, the King Hero's Journey with Beth Martens and more.

We consider embodied knowledge as the foundation and groundwork for true lasting transformation and it is our intention to bring this knowledge to as many people who are willing to listen as possible.

Joel Rafidi

Joel has been on a life long journey of introspection and self-realisation. He has worked with 100s of clients from around the world to help reawaken within them the truth of who they are as individuals. 

Joel believes self-knowledge of ourselves as individuals along with the sharpening of one's use of reason is the foremost way to unlock our true potential and navigate these times.

Joel’s work is to encourage each individual to live an authentic life deeply connected to their personal heroic journey. 

His focus is on empowering seekers of truth to reclaim their power and rise above the herd. 


Yerasimos has been on a truth seeking journey for over 20 years and helps fellow truth seekers that are committed to growth become who they were born to be.

His education and knowledge extends through a number of diverse areas including psychology, somatic therapies, human design, performing arts, nutrition, and more…

Yerasimos is a staunch advocate for individuals stepping into their true purpose and potential through self-knowledge and conscious action.

His work has a strong emphasis on addressing the nervous system and he has lead multiple group retreats and guided 100s of human beings to a deeper awareness of self and empowerment. 


Dr. Sophie Fletcher PhD has a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology, is trained in multiple bodywork modalities, has advanced level training in Somatic Experiencing and has another master's and PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies. 

She believes the body speaks in symbols and symptoms, making the objective to listen carefully to these unconscious ways of being as guides into the hidden shadow and unconscious material that could be inhibiting one's being.

Her intention is always to come with full compassion and resonance focusing on being entirely with the person in front of her and attending to what comes forward through the innate wisdom of their body.  

Still not sure?

Hear what Sarah has to say...



Strictly by application only, limited spots.


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