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A Program for Developing Authentic Self-Esteem 

There is no value-judgment more important to a man and no factor more decisive in his psychological development and motivation, than the estimate he passes on himself.

- Nathaniel Branden

This has been the best investment in myself I have ever made. 

Rise Above the Herd is a masterclass on unlocking your true potential and personifying the hero within you. It is the call to adventure you need to level up in every area of your life. It has re-ignited the creative spark in me and given me a renewed purpose to overcome any obstacle and achieve any dream I set my mind to. 

Joel and Yerasimos are compassionate, wise beyond their years, salt of the earth kind of guys that walk the path of integrity every day, and truly care about the people who are trying to make positive change in their lives. They have somehow gathered, distilled and synthesized a massive amount of data into this course, and the clarity of thought and expression by which they teach it is remarkable.

This has been the best investment in myself I have ever made. 

If you feel the call to join, listen to your intuition and take that first step. 

You won’t regret it.

The Coaches

Joel Rafidi

Joel is on a mission to invoke truth, freedom and potential in as many lives as possible through living by example and embodying the principles he values most dearly.

His work is to inspire each person to live an authentic life deeply connected to their personal heroic journey.

Joel has worked with hundreds of clients from around the world and believes self-knowledge of ourselves as individuals along with the sharpening of one's use of reason is the foremost way to unlock our true potential and navigate these times.

Focus: Heroism, Individualism, Self-Esteem, Self-Knowledge, Financial Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Values, Objectivism


Yerasimos has been on a truth seeking journey for over 20 years and helps fellow truth seekers that are committed to growth become who they were born to be.

Yerasimos is a staunch advocate for individuals stepping into their true purpose and potential through self-knowledge and conscious action.

His work has a strong emphasis on addressing the nervous system and he has lead multiple group retreats and guided 100s of human beings to a deeper awareness of self and empowerment. 

Focus: Shadow Work, Human Design, Psychology, Parts Work, Bio-energetics, Relationships, Self-Esteem 

Sophie Fletcher PhD

Dr. Sophie Fletcher PhD has a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology, is trained in multiple bodywork modalities, has advanced level training in Somatic Experiencing and has another master's and PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies.

She believes the body speaks in symbols and symptoms, making the objective to listen carefully to these unconscious ways of being as guides into the hidden shadow that could be inhibiting one's being.

Her intention is always to come with full compassion and resonance focusing on being entirely with the person in front of her and attending to what comes forward through the innate wisdom of their body.  

Focus: Nervous System, Inner Child Healing, Shadow-Work, Human Design, Somatic Experiencing, Embodiment 

You will have our full care, attention and guidance throughout the duration of this program.

The life paths of close to 100 students across 8 Rounds have now been deeply impacted by Rise Above The Herd. 


 ROUND 8 Testimonials 

 ROUND 7 Testimonials 


We are in a time of monumental evolutionary shifts.

It has never been more urgent and imperative than ever that each of us expand our capacity for truth and authenticity, cultivate our internal power, learn to embrace the darkness and connect deeper with our own sense of self-governance and self-sufficiency in all areas of our lives.

See, you were born into a world where you were taught that to sacrifice your self-interests and personal desires for the sake of your friends, family, community and society made you a good and moral person.

Most people you see around you today are operating under the spell of these unconscious programs which are ensuring they live a life dictated by guilt, inauthenticity, resentment & mediocrity.

The majority of people you know aren’t fulfilled not because they don’t want to be, but because they are scared to be.

What if we told you this is all part of deeper conditioning designed to keep you playing small, to prevent you from ever realising your true worth and value and to entrain you to a life of un-lived potential.

Now more than ever, in a time where the control systems around us have proven without a doubt that they cannot be relied upon to support our evolution, we must be willing to take a journey of self-excavation to discover the inner riches and potential to truly become our own authorities so we can navigate this world and our lives appropriately.

The most transformational program by far...

This program has changed me profoundly and more than anything I am encouraged and am building confidence for quite possibly the first time in my life.

I will never end this journey of learning, growing and asking questions but I am shocked at the strides I have made the last 6 plus weeks.

I don't tell many people this but I've literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my own personal development and learning how to build a business online...THIS program has been the most transformational by far.

You've really created something magical J & Y.


We have some questions for you... 


‚ě°¬†Do you want freedom from unconscious programs¬†holding¬†you back from¬†your true potential in this lifetime?

‚ě°¬†Do you want an enhanced sense of¬†self-worth and self-love¬†so you are empowered to live¬†a life you are truly inspired by.

‚ě°¬†Do you want to learn life-long tools for greater nervous system health and regulation from truly experienced practitioners?

‚ě° Do you want to¬†reclaim parts of yourself that have been disowned and repressed since childhood?

‚ě°¬†Do you want to clear blockages around your relationship with money, positioning your¬†consciousness¬†for true wealth creation?

‚ě°¬†Do you want greater confidence to speak and live your authentic truth¬†so you can set boundaries appropriately to improve all your relationships and attract aligned¬†community?

‚ě°¬†Do you want to learn how to authentically integrate your shadow¬†so you can¬†generate greater wholeness and access more of your life-force?¬†

‚ě°¬†Do you want greater levels of¬†consciousness so¬†you can¬†navigate¬†your life¬†with increased clarity,¬†discernment and make higher quality decisions?


What's Included?


Embark on a hero's journey like no other. Our teaching modules are intentionally designed to shift the deepest and most subtle programs holding you back, while activating your true power and potential to navigate reality and develop your capacity to live the life you truly desire.


Lead by Joel & Yerasimos.

Ask questions, be personally coached, fortify your values, ground your vision and be seen by others who are on a similar journey to you each week in an intimate and deeply connected container. Many deep and profound breakthroughs take place in these calls. 



Dr. Sophie Fletcher PhD is part of our team and is providing students with 4 additional group coaching calls focused on specific and intentional work with your nervous system. 

Integrate all the new material, engage in purposeful shadow-work and develop greater embodiment and emotional intelligence with a true expert in the field once a fortnight during the program. That's a total of 12 live and recorded coaching calls. 


Lifetime access to our extensive resource library including integration & self-esteem building exercises, nervous system support, our recommended articles/videos and much more to propel and enhance your journey. 


Weekly custom curated EFT tapping exercises combining potent affirmations with meridian tapping resulting in powerful releases & breakthroughs. 

Discover the power of EFT to add to your arsenal for the rest of your life. 


Get access to a private Telegram community with just the coaches and the current cohort for the entire duration of the program.

Deep connections are forged with like-minded friends. 

You can literally ask us (Joel, Yerasimos and Sophie) anything, anytime. 

24 hour text and voice support will be available to you. 


You get access to 2 personal Human Design readers for 8 weeks so you can know and accept yourself on the deepest levels. 

Discover your unique way of making decisions, your personal strategy in this life and your inherent gifts and the unique life theme which you are here to embody and unlock. 

You will not regret this investment...

Rise Above the Herd was the ultimate consolidation of all Joel and Yerasimos’ work over the past few years. It’s like all the best parts of everything they stand for and teach on the podcast, rolled into 8 intensive weeks full of excitement, challenges, life-changing realisations and friendships to do it alongside with. The before and after comparison of myself exceeded my expectations and I now feel so aligned with my unique journey, so focused on what’s truly important, and I feel clear about where I’m headed in life. RATH cuts through all the confusing fluff that’s out there, and gets straight to the truth of what it is we’re here to do. You will not regret this investment in yourself. I certainly don’t.


What are other leaders and coaches saying?

Gavin Nascimento

Life Coach, Activist, Public Speaker 

Joel and Yerasimos‚Äô holistic approach to human success ‚Äď physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially ‚Äď is a realistic blueprint for genuine human wellbeing beyond the endless charade of fragmented bullshit that so many people try to speciously sell us online and offline. I can earnestly say that encountering these spiritual gangstas has enriched me personally and made my earthly existence more encouraging and enlightening along the way. I rarely vouch for anyone, because sadly so many people are fully full of shit, but Joel and Yerasimos are some genuine human beings that are earnest in their pursuits to empower Humanity collectively beyond the popular trappings of tribalism, impractical traditions, and anything that debilitates authentic human growth and freedom. Salute!

Jason Christoff

Self-Sabotage Coach & Mind Control Expert

Joel and Yerasimos have one mission and one mission only. They're in the business of making people better inside a society where most influences exist to make humanity worse. Attach your wagon to their star, you won't be disappointed and frankly only good will come from it.

Alec Zeck

Founder - The Way Forward

Joel and Yerasimos are two of the most authentic 'truthers' out there. No fakery, no bullshit - just authenticity. There aren't many other organizations I recommend people tune into, but I find myself frequently pushing people towards them. These guys are the real deal.

Matt Presti

Former President of the Walter Russell University

Joel and Yerasimos embody the spiritual qualities of what I call ‚ÄúGood and Balanced Men.‚Ä̬† They give you a well informed and honest perspective on a host of topics and don‚Äôt hold back from who they truly are.¬† It‚Äôs refreshing to hear this kind of approach in podcasting‚ÄĒstraight up and direct.¬† I‚Äôm never disappointed when I put on "Here For The Truth"‚ÄĒfor indeed truth is exactly what they deliver.

A Holistic Approach to Self-Work

Our emphasis is always on wholeness. This course will trigger and mobilise unconscious debris from within your own psyche and so placing a focus on biological and nervous system healing and transformation is not only important but necessary to balance our evolutionary process. 

‚ě° Psychological

Psychological self-work is hugely important to any growth process. In this program we decondition from disempowering philosophies and grasp fresh and empowering ideas while constructing new neural pathways that embolden us to be the most inspired versions of ourselves. Unfortunately this is where the buck stops for many self-work programs and courses. 



Over the last decade, two of our coaches Sophie & Yerasimos have astutely accumulated a rare depth of understanding and knowledge when it comes to awakening biological and somatic intelligence. They have been trained in many different Nervous System healing modalities including but not limited to Somatic Experiencing, Chinese Meridian Theory, various forms of Bodywork and more. This knowledge has been integrated into this program. 
  • You want to bring alignment to your inner and outer reality.

  • You want to know and love yourself on the deepest levels and develop authentic self-esteem.

  • You want to bring forth your unique gifts from this life and walk your authentic path.

  • You are seeking to connect with a community of individuals who value truth and authenticity over ignorance and illusion.

  • You want to develop internal and external self-reliance.¬†

  • You are ready to take a serious look at all the areas in your life where you are refusing the responsibility that comes with true freedom.

  • You are aware of the rise of government tyranny and want to learn how to create value and sovereignty free from its constraints.

  • You want to build greater nervous system capacity and regulation.¬†

  • You¬†want to tap into you personal power.¬†

  • You are not willing to challenge conditioned beliefs, thoughts and behaviours.

  • You are not willing to commit to undertaking a journey of transformation and the realisation of potential.

  • You are not in a position to invest in your potential and in becoming the best version of yourself.

  • You do not feel as though you are ready to claim responsibility for the state of your life and your happiness.

  • You believe that mainstream society is normal and healthy.

  • You believe the ‚Äėexperts‚Äô are only those who have been granted such titles from ‚Äėofficial‚Äô organisations.

  • You believe you already know all there is to know about the truth seeking journey and individuation process.

To rise above the herd is to rise into your individual power!

This is what this course has taught me. Joel and Yerasimos challenged the deepest and most subtle programming that’s been holding me back from living my best life, to reveal that the hero I’ve been waiting for has been within me all along.

This is an empowering and necessary journey for anyone seeking a way out of the matrix.

Joel and Yerasimos have shown us the door…it’s up to us to walk through it.


"The human being who no longer requires the approval of the crowd for love, respect or money is a scary individual for the status quo." 

- RATH Co-Creator Joel Rafidi


Limited Spots Per Cohort


Money, Money, Money...

Of all the programming and conditioning waged upon you, one of the most insidious is the inversions taught when it comes to how you relate to Money. 

Money is not the root of all evil, nor is the love of it. 

One of the most powerful aspects of this program raved about by past students is the potency of the deprogramming and empowerment around their relationship to Money. 

Worth every cent and then some

Wow. Wow. Wow. What a journey. No one wanted this learning experience to come to an end.

If you are wondering if you need this in your life, you absolutely do - this is your sign.

Rise Above The Herd is worth every cent and then some. I couldn’t even name all the takeaways I received from this program.

One that comes to mind - I didn’t realise there was still a block around receiving money but there has always been guilt surrounding earnings.

F*ck that. I’m filling my bank account and I’m going to feel good about it!

While this course addresses such a deep scope of healing and many ways it can also be described as the psychological foundation required for authentic entrepreneurship. 

A core focus of this program is on developing authentic Self-Esteem...

Most people have no idea of the importance of self-esteem.

However the reality is that there is nothing in your life that is untouched or unaffected by your level of self-esteem. 

There is no rising, becoming, or individuating without self-esteem. 

Self-esteem is the relationship you have with yourself. 

It is the reputation you have acquired with the human being in the mirror through the myriad of choices you have made in your life up until this point. 

The quality of that reputation is the primary determining factor in how you show up for yourself and in the world and in every choice you impacts how big you can dream and more importantly how competent and confident you feel to actualise your dreams and become who you were born to be. 

Your destiny is the sum of your choices.

Click on a face to read a testimonial ūü¶Ā



Self-knowledge is a fundamental component to this program.

You are aware that you have unique gifts and unique ways of being with and responding to life however sometimes without a true mirror it is difficult to be certain of what is truly yours and what you have been conditioned to believe about yourself.

This is where Human Design plays a vital role.

It is a system of knowledge that integrates both ancient and modern sciences that supports you in understanding and accepting yourself at the deepest levels.

Throughout the 8 weeks you will have two personal Human Design readers to consult with regarding the main elements of your bodygraph.

If you are aware of Human Design you probably know how valuable this bonus is...

If you have no idea what Human Design is, all we can say is that we are very excited for the journey you are about to embark on should you choose to join this program.

This 8 week program will cover the following topics and more...

  • The Keys to Self-Transformation

  • Crowd Psychology¬†

  • Self-Sacrifice vs Self-Love¬†

  • Individuation

  • Authentic Shadow Work

  • Spiritual and Somatic Bypassing

  • True Self-Esteem

  • Collectivism vs Individualism¬†

  • Parts Work

  • Heroism

  • Capitalism vs Socialism

  • Objective Morality

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Nervous System Regulation

  • Financial Empowerment

  • Values & Goal Setting

  • Reason & Rationality

  • Human Design



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